ZeroAvia and the decarbonisation of Aviation

By Julian Singer ZeroAvia’s mission is to place a hydrogen-electric engine in every aircraft. The company was formed in 2018 and in January this year flew a 19-seater Dornier 228 fitted with one hydrogen-electric engine and one standard engine for ten minutes from its base on an airfield near Cirencester. In the intervening period it [...]

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There may be a price problem with Electric Cars

By Barney Smith Up ‘til now, it has been possible to believe that the move to electric cars would occur relatively smoothly; the British Government had decided that no new cars could be sold after 2030 if they were powered by either petrol or diesel and a veritable barrage of advertising was unleashed, extoling the [...]

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First Steps in de-carbonising Aviation

By Barney Smith Aviation is one of the hardest sectors to de-carbonise and without urgent action it could be one of the highest-emitting sectors for greenhouse gases by 2050. According to the Dept. of Transport, a British-led consortium comprising (at least) Virgin Atlantic, Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Imperial College, London, the University of Sheffield, the Rocky Mountain [...]

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Electric Vehicles in the UK

By Barney Smith We are told that electric vehicles form a greater and greater percentage of the motor fleet in the UK and that this “proves” that the electric revolution is unavoidable and inevitable. The electric revolution may indeed turn out to be inevitable. But the trend towards electric vehicles needs to be kept in [...]

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Electric vehicles in the world

By Barney Smith Abu Dhabi’s inaugural Electric Vehicle (EV) Innovation Summit took place between 23 and 25 May, 2022. The country is keen to advance its sustainability agenda ahead of hosting COP28 in 2023.Last year the United Arab Emirates(UAE) become the first GCC nation to introduce a net-zero carbon emissions target, pledging to achieve this [...]

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Electric cars in France

By Barney Smith One of the most interesting facets of the French Television since early September 2020, (aka the “rentree”) is the sheer number of advertisements for electric cars. Now it would be possible to argue that what we are seeing is merely the usual number of adverts for new cars, which this year happen to [...]

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Aviation and Emissions

It is not easy to reconcile the conflict between the immediate political imperative to help Flybe and the longer-term necessity of reaching the target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. But this is not in itself a reason to welcome the British Government’s recent decision on Flybe. Delaying payments due for air passenger duty [...]

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De-carbonisation and Air Travel

Why on earth are we contemplating a third runway at Heathrow to cope with a projected expansion of air travel when at the same time the new Conservative Government is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and making the UK carbon-neutral by 2050? Decarbonising transport in general and air travel in particular is one of the [...]

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Easyjet and Emission offset

Recently Easyjet announced that they will start straight away to “off-set” the carbon emissions resulting from their flights, a decision which the airline expects will cost around £25 million in the next financial year. This was welcomed with favourable articles in both the mainstream and the specialised press and rightly so. Easyjet are one of [...]

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Electric Vehicles and Subsidies

The Chinese market for motor vehicles is by far the largest market in the world. So what happens to car sales in China really matters. A cold there means pneumonia elsewhere. Recently the Chinese economy as a whole has been stagnating, for a combination of strategic reasons and as a result the overall Chinese car [...]

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