Electric cars in France

By Barney Smith One of the most interesting facets of the French Television since early September 2020, (aka the “rentree”) is the sheer number of advertisements for electric cars. Now it would be possible to argue that what we are seeing is merely the usual number of adverts for new cars, which this year happen to [...]

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Aviation and Emissions

It is not easy to reconcile the conflict between the immediate political imperative to help Flybe and the longer-term necessity of reaching the target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. But this is not in itself a reason to welcome the British Government’s recent decision on Flybe. Delaying payments due for air passenger duty [...]

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De-carbonisation and Air Travel

Why on earth are we contemplating a third runway at Heathrow to cope with a projected expansion of air travel when at the same time the new Conservative Government is committed to reducing CO2 emissions and making the UK carbon-neutral by 2050? Decarbonising transport in general and air travel in particular is one of the [...]

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Easyjet and Emission offset

Recently Easyjet announced that they will start straight away to “off-set” the carbon emissions resulting from their flights, a decision which the airline expects will cost around £25 million in the next financial year. This was welcomed with favourable articles in both the mainstream and the specialised press and rightly so. Easyjet are one of [...]

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Electric Vehicles and Subsidies

The Chinese market for motor vehicles is by far the largest market in the world. So what happens to car sales in China really matters. A cold there means pneumonia elsewhere. Recently the Chinese economy as a whole has been stagnating, for a combination of strategic reasons and as a result the overall Chinese car [...]

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Electric Cars: what is happening in the UK and more widely

In the UK in the first half of 2019, hybrids and battery electric cars accounted for over 6 per cent of all registrations. Dept. of Transport figures (in percentages) were as follows:- 2019 Q1 66.6 (Petrol) 27.2 (Diesel) 4.0 (Hybrid Electric) 1.2 (Hybrid plug-in) 1.0 (Battery Electric) 2019 Q2 65.6 (Petrol) 27.7 (Diesel) 4.5 (Hybrid Electric) [...]

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A BNP Paribas report predicts a rapid end to petrol and diesel but ignores important factors

If you wanted to invest  $100 billion in fuel for cars, would you be better off buying crude oil or building wind and solar farms? In a recent report BNP Paribas is clear: crude oil would need to sell at $10 - $20 per barrel to match the energy obtained from the wind and solar [...]

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Formula E Championship

No-one can deny that profound change is on its way in the motor industry: electricity, batteries and launch of numerous electric versions of new cars are the stuff of daily discourse. But the Formula E Championship for electric cars, as distinct from the Formula 1 Championship for high performance motor cars, would seems to have [...]

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BP and Electric charging

In June 2018 BP announced that it was purchasing Chargemaster, the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging company, for £130 million. That seemed quite a lot to pay for a company with an annual turnover of £12 million and a gross profit of less than £4 million, though BP is not short of money. The company [...]

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Cleaner Air for London

In the summer, the press gave prominence to the Mayor of London’s announcement that in 2019 London would see the creationof the largest double-decker electric bus fleet in Europeas 68 new electric double-deckers came into service, thus increasing the number of electric buses ten-fold. But, in a sense, these clean buses are only a means [...]

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