Active Energy Group has two operating divisions, Timberlands International and Advanced Biomass Solutions. The Timberlands business model “..aims to create a fully integrated supply, manufacturing and logistics chain that encompasses all the operations required to transform, market and distribute wood products from the forest to the end users”. Advanced Biomass is concerned with marketing CoalSwitch, a technology that converts low quality fibre materials such as forestry residuals and waste wood into high energy density, water resistant pellets or briquettes that can directly replace coal in traditional power plants (unlike other biomass fuels that require extensive changes to the plant), thereby providing a low-pollution sustainable energy source.

Exchange: London AIM (AEG)

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In 2017 AEG disposed of its Ukranian wood fibre business because of low returns and political uncertainty. The business had been purchased in 2011 in the hope that it would provide income while developing other products.

In 2015 AEG established the CoalSwitch joint venture with Biomass Energy Enhancements Llc, a Utah-based company that has patents for processing wood-based biomass for direct use in power stations. Since early 2018 a plant in Salt Lake City is able to produce five tonnes per hour of CoalSwitch product. Meanwhile AEG is looking to market its product elsewhere. In 2018 the main prospects were in Poland and Asia.

Also in 2018 the Timberlands division hopes to reach an agreement to manage 1.2 million hectares of forest in Newfoundland. In June 2018 Richard Spinks stepped down as CEO in order to focus on this and the development of CoalSwitch, in particular in Poland.

Contact Details: Active Energy Group Plc, Mwldan Business Park, Bath House Road, Cardigan, Ceredigion, SA43 1JY, U.K.
Tel +44 (0)1239 621 867

Chairman and CEO: Michael Rowan


Fields of interest: Bioenergy

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