Torotrak has developed three innovative products for the automobile industry, all based on a continuously variable transmission and all aimed at meeting the need for cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles. These key products are a variable drive supercharger (V-Charge), producing more power from a smaller engine; a mechanical flywheel (KERS) which recovers energy as the vehicle brakes and then releases it when needed; and a gearless traction drive transmission. Torotrak’s business model is based on licensing the technology to vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as providing engineering services related to their technology and some low volume manufacturing.

Exchange: London Main (TRK)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Interim to 29 November 2016

Further Information: Historically, Torotrak’s major income came from licensing its products to partners in the automobile industry. However in the six months to 30 September 2016 the revenue of £0.9 million was all from engineering services, while operating loss was £3.4m. At the same date cash and cash equivalents were £7.9m.

At the end of January 2017, Torotrak announced that it was suspending further development of V-Charge as automobile companies focused on electrification. Commercialisation would continue while development would concentrate on KERS technology.

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Torotrak plc
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Non-Executive Chairman: Nick Barton

CEO: Adam Robson

Fields of interest: Transport

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