PowerHouse Energy Group plc is a UK-based alternative energy company specialising in the manufacture and sale of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Waste to Energy systems. The latest version (the G3, or 3rd generation) was developed in Brisbane and shipped to the UK in Q1 2017 for testing and commercialisation.  The heart of the unit is an oven working above 1250 degC which gasifies all waste products including tyres and batteries. The gases produced can be used to drive an electrical generator or as a source of hydrogen. The company’s vision is for Distributed Modular Gasification, with units placed near waste sources.

Exchange: London AIM (PHE)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Interim Results to 30 June 2018

Further Information: With UHT technology more waste material is turned into gas (up to 97 per cent of the energy within any organic waste). This process can convert challenging substances like toxic waste and used tyres into saleable energy products with a variety of applications. This enables energy recovery from municipal waste streams that would otherwise be directed to landfills and conventional incinerators. It also uses renewable and alternative fuels such as biomass, lignite (brown coal), tires and plastics either to create syngas for power generation or to be reformed into liquid fuel for transportation.

Until 2017 the company had reported neither revenue nor employees, working instead through subsidiaries and alliances under the executive chairman, Keith Allaun, and three non-executive directors. In 2017 an executive director and a non executive chairman were appointed, and in early 2018 the company had 7 employees.

Contact Details: PowerHouse Energy Group plc, 10b Russell Court, Woodgate, Cottingley Business Park, Bingley BD16 1PE, UK

T: +44 (0) 203 368 6399
F: +44 (0) 203 326 7336

Non-Executive Chairman: Dr. Cameron Davies

CEO: Keith Allaun


Field of Interest: Bioenergy


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