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IGas Energy is a leading UK oil and gas explorer and developer, producing 2,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day from over 100 sites across the country, with significant potential yet to be delivered from its assets.

The company has played a key role in Britain’s onshore energy production; safely exploring, developing and producing onshore oil and gas at its sites for over three decades. Its management and technical teams have many years of experience in onshore energy production and most live and work in the communities in which the company operates.

IGas is extremely well positioned for the future as it moves closer to unlocking Britain’s untapped unconventional oil and gas resources, which means because the company has exposure through the licences it is involved in possibly fracking shale reservoirs.

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IGAS had a market cap of over £83 million as of the end of July 2017. The company is the operator of the largest number of onshore oil and gas fields in Britain.

Its focus in the East Midlands and the Weald Basin in the south of England and now in the northern coastal area of the Inner Moray Firth in Scotland, is the production of hydrocarbons. IGas produces 2,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day, helping to provide the country with secure energy supplies.

The company extracts the oil and gas trapped underground in basins and many of the fields it operates have been producing oil for more than 30 years.

Whilst IGas already produces oil and some gas from its wells, the potential of other resources such as gas from shale and coal bed methane (CBM) could be a significant opportunity for Britain. In the areas where the geology is suitable and government-issued licences are available, the group’s is to use data from exploratory wells to help better understand this resource potential.

IGas says it wants to play its part in diversifying Britain’s energy mix and reducing the country’s reliance on imported resources. An energy diverse Britain is a secure Britain and gas from shale can play its part in helping to bring stability to the UK energy market and pricing environment.

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IGas Energy Plc
7 Down Street

+44 (0) 207 993 9899
Email: enquiries@igasplc.com

PR Media contact
+44 (0) 203 675 6059


Chairman: Mike McTighe
CEO: Stephen Bowler

Short description: Conventional and unconventional oil & gas producer







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