RedT Energy (formerly Camco Clean Energy)

RedT Energy, formerly Camco Clean Energy is a UK energy storage technology company The Company’s energy storage solution is based on proprietary vanadium redox flow battery technology for on and off-grid applications. It is currently focusing on delivering market-seeding units of energy storage technology which it expects will lead to full-scale commercialisation. The liquid storage medium affords an exceptionally long life of over 10,000 full charge/discharge cycles and a 100 per cent usable depth of discharge. Combined with low maintenance requirements this delivers industry leading disheveled cost of storage (LCOS) and total cost of ownership (TCO) results.

Exchange: London AIM (RED)

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Recent Financial Report: Final Results 2017

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The original business of Camco Clean Energy was carbon off-set and carbon trading. The company then moved into Biogas in the US and had an interest in a large palm oil project in South East Asia. But it is now focused on storage following a name change which reflects the core business of Renewable Energy Dynamics Holding Ltd.

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redT Investor Relations
Suite 4.12 Clerkenwell Workshops,
27-31 Clerkenwell Close,
London EC1R 0AT
T: +44 20 7061 6233

Chairman: Jeffrey Kenna
CEO: Scott McGregor

Short Description: UK Flow Cells

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