Eden Innovations which was formerly known as Eden Energy is listed on the Australian Security Exchange (ASX) and has interests in hydrogen production, storage & transport fuel systems, including the low emission Hythane (Hydrogen-Methane) blend; coal bed methane and shale gas; and in carbon nano-tube and carbon nano-fibre production. An Eden subsidiary Eden Innovations India Pvt Ltd is also the parent company of the Eden Innovations LLC, USA, (Formerly known as Hythane Co. LLC, USA) which patented Hythane Fuel and developed the dual fuel clean energy OptiBlend™ kit systemEden and Innovations All these aspects of Eden’s business are part of an integrated strategy to become a major global participant in the alternate energy market, particularly focusing on the clean energy transport market, producing hydrogen without any carbon emissions, transporting the hydrogen to markets and providing the engines to power hydrogen based transport energy solutions.

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/eden-innovations-ltd-breaks-into-us-state-of-georgia-180094.htmlEden Innovations Ltd breaks into U.S. state of Georgiahttp://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/companies/news/180094

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Shares in Eden Innovations have fared well in the past 12 months and this is largely due to announcements about its flagship EdenCrete carbon nanotube enriched liquid concrete admixture. In an operations update issued late in 2016 a road to a business park and transport hub in the city of Augusta, Georgia using EdenCrete, was commissioned. The access road is a 3.2 kilometre two-lane highway which leads to a 1,800 acre (728 hectare) business park which will play host not only to Starbucks – it’s only resident so far–but also to EdenCrete itself which reckons it will have a large production facility within the next couple of years.

The commencement of the project came four months after the signing of a contract with the Augusta Economic Development Board (AEDA) and followed many months of trials in the US. The Eden Innovations board clearly hopes this project represents a toehold into what could become part of a multi-billion dollar market for the company. There is a lot to play for. About 40 per cent of all cement in the US goes to building and highways. These cost US$40 billion a year alone to repair and maintain.

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Executive Chairman: Gregory Howard Simon
President and CEO: Roger Marmaro



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