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  • Accsys Technologies

    Synthetic wood technology

  • Active Energy Group

    Forest products, MDF and biomass

  • AFC Energy

    Low cost alkaline fuel cells                               .

  • Aggregated Micro Power

    Wood fuel and biomass projects

  • Altona Energy

    Coal to Liquids (CTI) and power, Australia

  • Berkeley Energia

    Uranium production in Salamanca, Spain

  • Biome Technologies Plc

    Biodegradable plastics and natural polymers

  • Bushveld Minerals

    Mining vanadium and flow batteries

  • Carnegie Wave Energy Ltd

    Wave energy, Australia

  • Ceres Power Holdings

    Solid oxide fuel cells                                           .

  • China New Energy Ltd

    Biofuel technology and services

  • Drax Plc

    Coal and biomass electricity generation

  • Eden Innovations

    Clean technology, agro chemicals – Australia

  • Eden Research Plc

    Environmentally friendly products from plant-derived oils

  • EQTEC plc

    Energy from waste and biomass

  • Equatorial Palm Oil

    Palm oil – Liberia

  • Flowgroup Plc

    Alternative energy products; Kingston CHP boiler

  • Good Energy Group

    Renewable electricity provision in the UK

  • Graphene Nanochem Plc

    Biofuels-palm oil in Malaysia; green additives

  • Green & Smart

    Biogas from palm oil effluent

  • Green Dragon Gas

    Coal bed methane                                          .

  • Greencoat UK Wind

    Wind focused fund                                        .

  • Greenko Group

    Clean energy projects in India

  • Hydrodec Group Plc

    Re-refining transmission oil, PCB removal – N. America, Australia

  • Igas Energy Plc

    Shale gas, coal bed methane, oil & gas in the UK

  • Ilika Plc

    New and patentable materials; battery development

  • Infinis

    Power from landfill gas and coal mine methane

  • Infrastucture India Plc

    Investment in India – renewables and infrastructure

  • Inspired Energy

    Energy consultants and brokers                              .

  • Intelligent Energy

    Hydrogen fuel cells                                                     .

  • ITM Power

    Hydrogen fuel, storage and refueling

  • Leaf Clean Energy

    Investment in clean technology  – USA

  • Modern Water Plc

    Advanced water systems                                           .

  • Mytrah Energy

    Wind power in India                 .

  • Nature Group Plc

    Treatment of marine pollution and offshore waste

  • NextEnergy Solar Fund

    Investment fund focused on operational solar assets

  • Ocean Power Technologies

    Powerbuoy wave technology – USA

  • Origo Partners

    Private equity investment in China

  • PhotonStar LED Group

    Smart LED lighting

  • Porvair

    Filtration and environmental equipment

  • Powerfilm Solar

    Photovoltaic panels and rolls – USA

  • Powerhouse Energy Group

    Waste to energy systems

  • Proton Power Systems

    Fuel cells for solar panels

  • PV Crystalox

    Silicon wafers for solar panels

  • Quadrise Fuels International

    Emulsion fuels for shipping                                    .

  • Redflow

    Zinc-bromine redox flow cells                                        .

  • RedT Energy

    Redox flow cells                                          .

  • Renewables Infrastucture

    Investment fund for renewables

  • Rurelec

    Power generation, including hydro, mostly south America

  • Sabien Technology Group

    Low carbon emission technology

  • Simec Atlantis Energy

    Tidal power turbines

  • Suzlon

    Wind turbine manufacturer and operator                              .

  • Torotrak

    Efficient transmission systems

  • Trading Emissions

    Environmental and emission asset investment

  • TyraTech

    Life science technologies                                              .

  • Velocys

    Synthetic fuels technology                                               .

  • Verditek

    Photovoltaic, carbon capture and air filtering                                              .

  • Zincox Resources

    Zinc extraction technology


The prime aim of Greenbarrel is to encourage and facilitate more informed investment in mostly quoted companies specialising in all aspects of renewable energy and clean technology. There are more than 50 companies quoted on London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) but they are not listed in a single alternative energy sector. Nor is it always easy to access or elicit information on individual companies. Greenbarrel aims to fill some of that information gap.

The Greenbarrel website provides concise profiles of a number of AIM-listed companies as well as other companies quoted on global markets and some non-quoted companies in the alternative energy sector; giving a brief overview of the operations of the company and contact details. Underpinning this information are articles of analysis and informed comment and opinion by our team of writers with long experience of the sector.

The website also publishes general features across the whole spectrum of renewable and alternative energy matters including related subjects such as climate change, energy prices and other headings such as Bioenergy, Energy Storage, Hydro & Water, heating, Nuclear, Solar, Tidal & Wave, Transport, Wind and General which includes community projects.

In the future we are planning to organise conferences to enable listed renewable energy companies to put their plans to a specialised audience of would be investors, existing shareholders and green energy investment funds.

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