Verditek was incorporated in April 2016 and admitted to trading on AIM in August 2017. It is a holding company with three investments. The first is a 51 per cent stake in Greenflex Energy Ltd which owns Greenflex RSM, a designer and producer of photovoltaic panels in Milan. The company claims to have developed some innovative technology and to own two manufacturing lines able to produce 20MWp per year. The second investment is a 23.64 per cent stake in Hawaii-based Westec Environmental Solutions, a company that makes products that absorb from air unwanted particles or alternatively gases, such as carbon dioxide. The third investment is in Hampshire-based BBR Filtration Ltd that makes fluidized biological products to absorb hydrogen sulfide and other smelly gases from air.

Exchange: London AIM (VDTK)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Annual report to 31 December 2017

Further Information:
Greenflex works on thin, flexible photovoltaic panels with improved interconnectivity between individual cells. In the future they plan to produce re-cyclable, plastic roof tiles that incorporate PV cells and look like standard tiles.

Westex’s method for improved absorption of unwanted gases is based on creating an aqueous froth out of the gas and liquid that creates a much higher surface area for absorption. Verditek has an option to increase its share to 51 per cent.

Contact Details
Verditek Plc,
29 Farm Street,
London WIJ 5RL

Tel: +44 20 7129 1110

Chairman: Lord David Willetts
CEO: Dr. Geoff Nesbitt


Short description: Photovoltaic, carbon capture and air filtering

Fields of interest: Solar, Other

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