Hydrodec is a clean-tech oil re-refining group with operations in the USA and Australia. It applies proprietary technology to re-refine used and contaminated waste oil to produce, market and distributes SUPERFINE™ transformer oil and naphthalene base oil. Its technology is a proven, highly efficient, oil re-refining and chemical process. It was initially developed to target the multi-billion dollar, worldwide market for transformer oil used in electricity generation. Contaminated waste oil is currently processed at two plants at Canton, Ohio, US and Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia respectively, with distinct competitive advantage. Its process delivers very high recoveries (>99 per cent), producing transformer oil that tests ‘better than new’ at competitive cost and without environmentally harmful emissions.

Exchange: London AIM (HYR)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE Summary

Recent Financial Statement: Final results for the year ending December 31 2016 

Further Information:

Hydrodec Group plc has been listed on AIM, the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange, since 2004. The timeline below sets out some of the key developments in the growth of the Hydrodec Group since then.

In 2006: The first plant was built at Young, New South Wales, Australia
In 2008: A plant was built at Canton, OHIO, US.
In 2013: A: Strategic partnership was struck in North America with G&S Technologies
In 2015: There was co-location of Australian operations to Bomen, New South Wales, under outsourced, tolling arrangements with Southern Oil Refineries.
In 2015: There was also the commissioning a rebuilt and expanded plant at Canton, Ohio after damage.
In 2016: There was approval of  Hydrodec’s technology as a carbon offset project – which the company claims is the only oil re-refining business in the world to receive carbon credits for its output.

Contact Details:
Hydrodec Group
6 Hay’s Lane
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 3300 1643
Fax: +44 (0)20 3300 1652

Website http://www.hydrodec.com/
Email: london@hydrodec.com

Chairman: Lord Moynihan
CEO: Chris Ellis

 Short Description: Clean-Tech oil re-refining

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