Aggregated Micro Power Holdings (AMPH) is a supplier of wood fuels and manager of biomass heating and combined heat and power (CHP) projects. The Wood Fuel division supplies wood chips and wood pellets thought the UK and has a market share of about 8 per cent. The Project Development division designs, installs, operates and maintains biomass boilers and CHP installations for schools, leisure centres and other institutions, and has expanded into gas-fired peaking plants. The Investment division invests in companies related to the corporate strategy.

Exchange: London Main (AMPH)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Final to 31 March 2018

Further Information: Prior to 2016 AMPH’s revenue came not only from wood fuel and biomass projects but also from electricity generated by a biomass gasification plant in Cumbria. The latter has now been closed and the focus placed on increasing wood fuel sales and projects. Two established wood fuel companies were purchased in 2016 (Forest fuels for £2.82 million and Midland Wood Fuel for 1.4m), while the customer wood fuel base of the Cornish company Mi Generation was also bought for £0.75m. In 2017 the company took a majority interest in Highland Wood Energy and purchased Billington Bio-Energy Ltd from Drax Smart Supply Holdco Ltd. With these purchases AMPH have a significant share of the wood fuel market and are able to offer an integrated service for biomass boiler or CHP customers throughout the UK.

As of July 2018 the investment division holds a 29.08% stake in IncubEx, a company developing new financial products in association with the European Energy Exchange.

Contact Details:
3rd Floor, 1 Dover Street, London W1S 4LD

Tel: +44 207 382 7800

Website: www

Chairman: Neil Eckert
CEO: Richard Burrell

Fields of interest: Bioenergy

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