Redflow is a Brisbane-based producer of zinc-bromine flow batteries that has been listed on the Australian stock exchange since 2004. While R&D is located with the head office, manufacturing was moved from Mexico to Thailand in 2017. The company offers three main products: the ZCell, which can store 10 kilowatt-hours and is suitable for residences and small businesses; the ZBM2 for commercial and off-grid installations such as telecom towers, and the LSB for grid-scale storage. After several years of development the company started transitioning to a battery manufacturer in 2012 and received its first commercial orders in 2015.

Exchange: Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:RFX)

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Recent Financial Report: Annual report for year to 30 June 2018

Further Information:
A strategic review in May 2017 advised the company to focus on sales in off-grid markets such as telecommunications towers in Asia and southern Africa, as residential markets were too competitive and cost sensitive. The review also recommended moving manufacturing from Mexico to reduce supply chain costs and also to allow implementation of several cost reduction projects. By August 2018 the facility in Thailand was producing 78 batteries per month.

In September 2016 the company’s single largest investor, entrepreneur Simon Hackett, had stepped in as interim CEO and Chairman with a mission to refocus the company on its flow batteries. In September 2017 Hackett moved back to being a non-executive director and was replaced by Brett Johnson, as Chairman and, after an interim appointment, by Tim Harris, an ex-BT executive, as CEO.

Contact Details:
Redflow Australia,
27 Counihan Road,
Seventeen Mile Rocks,
Queensland 4073,

Tel +61 7 3376 0008
Fax: +61 7 3376 3751

Non-Executive Chairman: Brett Johnson

CEO: Tim Harris


Short description: Zinc-Bromine flow cells

Fields of interest: Energy Storage

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