Sabien Technology was found in 2004 and floated on AIM in 2006. Its speciality is the use of patented hardware and intelligent software to improve a boiler’s efficiency by reducing energy wastage. The technology is encapsulated in two products, M1G and M2G, for use with different types of boiler. The focus is on private and public organisations and businesses, rather than individual customers. Sabien are also the exclusive UK distributor of EndoTherm, a product that is added to water in a boiler system to improve contact with the boiler walls, hence improving efficiency.

Exchange: London AIM (SNT)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Interim to 31 December 2017 and earlier

Further Information:
Initially the company’s financial model envisaged that clients would purchase a pilot plant (one estimate is a cost of about £20,000), discover that Sabien could save them significant sums and accordingly make a substantial commitment. The new strategy involves Sabien paying for the pilot plant, the client realising that significant savings are possible and so making a financial commitment.

Unfortunately this did not shorten the sales cycle significantly, and proved expensive. Nevertheless revenues were higher. sabine is now offering rental contracts and has started a consultancy service called Forensic Boiler Audits.

Contact Details:

Sabien Technology Group
34 Clarendon Road
Watford WD17 1JJ

Tel +44 207 993 3700

Chairman: Bruce Gordon

CEO: Alan O’Brien


Short description: Boiler efficiency

Fields of interest: Heat

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