Origo Partners Plc is a closed-end investment company, incorporated in the Isle of Man, which holds a portfolio of unquoted interests, and illiquid, publicly traded, equity interests in companies based or principally active in China and Mongolia. In November 2014 the company’s shareholders voted to amend the investment policy to that of a realisation vehicle. Although the largest investments in the portfolio are involved with coal and rice processing, there are companies involved in Lithium, Molybdenum and waste recycling. The investments will be divested over a number of years.

Exchange: London AIM (OPP)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Interim to 30 June 2016

Further Information: Origo has significant investments in: Celadon Mining, China Rice, Niutech, Unipower Battery, Gobi Coal and Energy, Moly World (Mongolia), Rising Technology, Kincora Copper and Six Waves Inc.

Contact Details:
Origo Partners Plc,
33-37 Athol Street,
Isle of Man IM1 1LB


Chairman: Shonaid Emmett-Page

Website: www.origoplc.com

Short description: Private Equity Investment in China

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