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Floating Windfarms

By Barney Smith The Prime Minister’s ten-point blue-print for a “Green Industrial Revolution”, released in November 2020, included the following extract (from Point 1), which also incidentally contains the firmest commitment in the whole plan viz:- “And by 2030, we aim to produce 40GW of offshore wind, including 1GW of innovative floating offshore wind in [...]

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ExxonMobil and their troubled AGM

By Barney Smith In the follow-up to the AGM, ExxonMobil finally had to concede not two, but three seats on the Board to the activist investor Engine No 1 which wanted the company to take more account of the energy transition, of climate change and its inevitable impact on the Oil and Gas industry. ExxonMobil [...]

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BP Annual Statistical Review for 2020

By Barney Smith According to the latest Review, which, unusually, came out this year in early July, 2020 was the most aberrant year ever, with primary energy use falling by 4.5 per cent and carbon emissions falling by more than 6 per cent, both being the fastest rate of decline since WWII. The US, India [...]

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Lithium including Cornish Lithium

By Barney Smith If, and it is a big “If”, the whole world suddenly wholeheartedly embraced electric cars, what would be the consequences? Leaving aside the problems arising from the substantial rising demand for more electricity from renewable sources for charging the cars and the problems caused by the world’s over-reliance on copper and cobalt [...]

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The Prime Minister, Emissions and Electric cars.

.By Barney Smith On 18 November 2020, the Prime Minister produced his ten-point plan for the environment: a key point was on emissions and electric cars (EVs), including the eye-catching announcement  “From 2030 we will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans”. An announcement is one thing, but follow-up  is another.  [...]

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Zephyr Energy and Mitigation

By Barney Smith Greenbarrel shows its’ versatility by moving from the monsters of the oil world one week to a minnow the next.  AIM-listed Zephyr Energy (whose worth is just under £47million @ the price of £3.84 on 9 June) announced on 7 June that it intends to achieve carbon-neutrality across its operational footprint by [...]

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A very bad week for Big Oil

By Barney Smith In the event it was a very bad week for Big Oil, especially for Exxon Mobil and Chevron who faced a shareholder revolt on the same day. Exxon Mobil discovered that in spite of their corporate opposition, two nominees of activist Hedge Fund Engine No 1 were voted onto the Board because [...]

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The Big Battalions 3 Total

By Barney Smith Interestingly, Exxon Mobil is not the only oil major to have an AGM this week. (See Greenbarrel of 20 May) Total, the French major, also has its AGM this week, on Friday 28 May, to be precise. Total, like Shell and BP, its larger European competitors, is pledged to be carbon neutral [...]

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The Big Battalions: Exxon Mobil

By Barney Smith Exxon Mobil (American) is arguably the largest publicly traded Western international Oil and Gas company. It is also perhaps equally well known for being resistant to any dramatic policy movement because of a perceived change in the earth’s climate.  But some see this year’s AGM, on 26 May, as an opportunity to [...]

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The Big battalions 3 BP

By Barney Smith BP’s AGM this year is on 12 May only a couple of days before the Shell AGM , so comparisons are inevitable. But they are also perhaps instructive. The Shell document (See Greenbarrel of 28 April) looks too similar to those produced by the company in recent years. But the BP Annual [...]

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