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Totalenergies Results for 2021

By Barney Smith Like BP and Shell, Totalenergies, the French Oil and Gas major, is engaged in transforming itself from an international oil and gas company to an integrated energy company. Like BP and Shell, it holds its AGM in May, on the 25th to be precise, in France of course. At first blush, the [...]

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BP results for 2021

By Barney Smith For the reasons given in our analysis of the Shell results for 2021 (Greenbarrel of 4 May), AGMs of large international oil and gas companies are now of still greater importance than ever. The AGM of BP is on 12 May and the meeting will in theory be concerned with 2021, considering an in-house document [...]

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Shell’s results for 2021

By Barney Smith It is often said that the only people who really have the money to make the sort of difference necessary to achieve what change the climate requires are the Oil and Gas companies, like Shell, TotalEnergies and BP. If so, it follows that the outcome of their meetings become even more crucial. [...]

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British Energy Security Strategy

By Barney Smith In April 2022, the Prime Minister released a 31-page document entitled “British Energy Security strategy.” It perhaps makes most sense as a follow-on to the ten-point plan put forward in November 2020. It takes into account both the latest news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the most recent report on Climate Change by [...]

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GWEC Report for 2021

By Barney Smith Monday 4 April saw the release of the seventeenth annual report by the Global World Energy Council (GWEC), which is the most widely used source of data on the wind energy sector for industry, governments and others. At the industry level, the report paints an impressive picture, showing that in 2021 total global capacity rose by [...]

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BP, Ukraine and Renewables

By Barney Smith It was Lenin who observed that there are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen. He was right. In March, shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, BP announced that it had decided to sell its’ 19.75 per cent stake in Rosneft, the Russian oil giant: a decision which could yet [...]

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By Barney Smith To try to isolate the problems of one sub-sector of agriculture is to realise how complicated are the inter-relationships in the overall biomass sector and how inadequate are the available data. The industrial North (broadly Europe and the US) is more concerned about the future climate of the planet and de-carbonisation, so [...]

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Biomass and its problems

By Barney Smith In view of all the attention it has received, it is perhaps somewhat surprising to state that energy is not the only component of the climate agenda. Certainly it is the most structured, for no other sector has anything like the IEA Road Map as an accepted basis for further work. Biomass [...]

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Why has ITM yet to make a profit?

By Barney Smith ITM was founded in 2001, and quoted on AIM since 2004. It is one of the few companies to have real experience in various different applications of hydrogen, and now claims world leadership in PEM Electrolysers. Yet the share price is a bit of a conundrum. At the beginning and for some [...]

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An Apparent Oil Paradox

By Barney Smith There are several propositions which all seem to be true individually, yet pose more difficulty when viewed as collectively true. The first is that we are in the middle of an energy transition out of oil and gas, which are widely seen as declining assets: the second is the suggestion that, as [...]

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