The PhotonStar LED Group is a designer and manufacturer of LED lights and smart LED lighting solutions with two divisions: PhotonStar LED Ltd makes fixtures for the new build market, and PhotonStar Technology makes smart LED light engines and control systems for retrofit to existing buildings. The company’s proprietary technology integrates lighting and controls to provide intelligent, cost-effective, low energy lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural market. The control system is being expanded into a building management system that controls all aspects from temperature to access to specific areas.

Exchange: London Main (PSL)

Financial Data from Exchange website: LSE summary

Recent Financial Report: Interim to 30June2017

Further Information: LED lights still provide the majority of revenue. As the price of standard LED lights has come down, the company has moved increasingly up-market, producing lights that change colour during the day to match natural light and systems that provide co-ordinated central control of lights in a building via wireless internet.

The main smart light engine, or light bulb, is the ChromaWhite, available since 2011. By changing colour during the day it aims to match the human circadian rhythm and provide a healthier environment in offices, schools and hospitals. The Halcyon control system has been installed in hospital wards, also to improve health but in addition to provide savings in energy, operating costs and maintenance. Since it is based on wireless internet so it is natural to expand it into building management. Smart controls involve more customization and training, so the Technology division is developing into a more service oriented group.

Contact Details: Unit8 Westling, Belbins Business Park, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 7JF

Non-executive Chairman: Jonathan Freeman

CEO: Dr James McKenzie


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