The Drax Group has transformed itself from a largely coal-fired power supplier to one using alternative inputs. Having successfully upgraded the UK’s largest power station through innovative engineering, it is now a predominantly bio-massed fuelled generator. Some 70 per cent of the electricity it produces—enough to power Leeds Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool—is now made using compressed wood pellets rather than coal. The company says it is responsible for generating 7 per cent of the UK’s electricity. It self-supplies 15 per cent of the pellets it uses from its US operations.

Exchange: London main board (DRX-GB)

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Further Information: As well as corporate offices in London and Yorkshire, Drax Group operates in several locations around the world:-

Further Information Drax Power Station is located near Selby, North Yorkshire, connecting directly into the national electricity distribution grid. Our distribution terminals are located in four ports on the east and west coasts of England – Hull, Tyne, Immingham and Liverpool – routing fuel from ships for onward delivery.

Drax Biomass is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with two pellet manufacturing plants: Amite BioEnergy in Gloster, Mississippi, and Morehouse BioEnergy near Bastrop, Louisiana. Its port facility is also located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Haven Power is based in Ipswich, Suffolk, and supplies electricity to customers across the UK. All account teams are based in the UK and deliver efficient, personal service.

Opus Energy is based in Oxford, Northampton and Cardiff. It supplies electricity and gas to businesses.

Billington Bioenergy’s head office is located in Liverpool. The company has depots across the UK, supplying domestic customers with renewable wood pellets.


Contact Details:

Drax Power Station,
Selby North Yorkshire YO8 8PHD
Tel: +44(0)1757 6181838

Chairman: Philip Cox CBE
CEO: Dorothy Thompson CBE

Website: www/
Short description: Power from wood pellets

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